The Mt. Lebanon Girls Softball Association is a non-profit organization committed to providing girls the opportunity to play softball as an organized recreational activity and in promoting good sportsmanship in all association sponsored activities. Through the efforts of our many volunteers, we sponsor programs in both fast and slow pitch softball. In recent years we have expanded both programs to cover all school aged girls in Mt. Lebanon.

Slow pitch programs begin with instructional leagues for girls in 1st and 2nd grade and continue through high school. All leagues are "in-house" leagues where all teams consist of girls from only Mt. Lebanon.

If you have a question or would like to become involved with the association use the link below to contact us.

John Rambo

Vice Presidents
Chuck Bachorski (Slow Pitch)
Frank Badolato ( Fast Pitch)

Dennis Fitzgerald

Pat Cahalane


1st Grade Director - Dale Elder
2nd and 3rd Grade Director - Dale Elder
Junior League Directors - Dave Bindseil and Tracy Delvaux
Senior League Directors - John Rambo and Joe Carini
Major League Directors - Rich Sacco and Joe Carini
Director of Umpires - Mark Cooke


Fast Pitch Director - Frank Badolato

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Adobe Reader Logo Players’ Code of Conduct Form

Adobe Reader LogoParent Code of Conduct Form

Adobe Reader LogoCoach's Guide Form


Dear Parents and Coaches,

Mt. Lebanon Girls Softball Association is a member of the "Positive Coaching Alliance". This alliance is part of a national organization and the local Mt. Lebanon Youth Sports Alliance. The purpose is to help coaches do a better job of using sports to build character in young athletes. This was not the result of any problems in our activities, but rather as an effort to maintain and improve what is already an excellent program. Based on last year’s results and feedback, we are even more committed to making "positive coaching" an integral part of our association.

We have placed in writing what our expectations are for the players, coaches and parents during the season. These expectations are contained in three documents, one for the player, one for the coaches and assistant coaches and one for the parents or guardians. All are available at registration, from your league officers and on this website. See forms below.

The players are asked to "honor the game" by showing respect for the rules of the game, opponents, officials, teammates, the game’s tradition and coaches. The coaches are asked to be a "positive coach", not a "win-at-all-costs coach". We expect the coach to want to win, but just as importantly we want them to help the players to use sports to learn the "life lessons" that will help them be successful long after they stop playing. We ask the parents to honor the game, to give positive feedback to all involved and to reinforce our definition of a "winner" as someone who makes maximum effort, continues to learn and improve and does not allow mistakes or the fear of making mistakes stop them.

The coaches sign the coach’s guide showing their agreement to act in accordance with these principles. Coaches will review the player’s code of conduct with each player. Parents are also requested to review, sign and return the parent’s pledge.

Please show your support for what we feel is an excellent program. With your help we can make this upcoming season another "positive" experience for everyone involved.


Mt. Lebanon Girls Softball Association

The 2013 Mt. Lebanon Girls Softball Boosters

Senior Booster Badge

Bashaw Family Bindseil Family Brubaker Family
Connell Family Delvaux Family Envela Family
Gbur Family Gladden Family Herring Family
Klug Family Kogan Family Maselko Family
McEwen Family Meyer Family Pavlick Family

Senior Booster Badge

Silverman Family Squatriglia Family Van Deusen Family
West Family Williams Family Yohe Family
Zawojski Family    

Major Booster Badge

Albenze Family Bolt Family Cahalane Family
Coyne Family Giron Family Hasley Family
Keane Family Lackner Family Lauver Family
Mackin Family Mandelblatt Family Matthis Family
McAdoo Family McNulty Family Mt. Lebanon
Football Association

Major Booster Badge

Pratt Family Repcheck Family Watson Family
Zenkevich Family    

Junior League Booster Badge

Bolt Family Bruni Family Buerger Family
Byrne Family Cain Family Chamberlin Family
Chiappetta Family Christ Famil Christie Family
Cloherty Family Cohen Family Collins Family
Connelly Family Conte Family Cooper Family

Junior League Booster Badge

Cusick Family Damron Family Deems Family
DeRiso Family Dietrick Family Dietz Family
Digirolamo Family Doichev Family Doncour Family
Donehue Family Ellis Family Eskew Family
Eson Family Fish Family Friedrich Family

Junior League Booster Badge

Fuellhart Family Garlitz, Margaret Garofoli Family
Gelblum Family George Family Goodin Family
Gorecki Family Hagins Family Halushka Family
Haslett Family Heim Family House Family
Jones Family Kearns Family Kenney Family

Junior League Booster Badge

Kish Family Kovalan Family Krepp Family
Leibow Family Longo Family Malezi Family
Marinelli Fami Maselko Family McCauley Family
McGhee Family McGuffey Family McKiernan Family
Menand Family Meta Family Morello Family

Junior League Booster Badge

Morris Family Mustian Family Myers Family
Neft Family Newman Family Nusbaum Family
Orelli Family Patak Family Paul Family
Pearce Family Perveiler Family Pilarski Family
Pillion-Gardner Family Pittler Family Pituch Family

Junior League Booster Badge

Primm Family Rabeneck Family Renton Family
Rimmel Family Ritenour Family Salib Family
Salvante Family Sambolt Family Schackner Family
Schwartz Family Silverman Family Slater Family
Sloan Family Snyder Family Spector Family

Junior League Booster Badge

Spikula Family Stanton Family Stewar Family
Stoehr Family Taback Family Vujevich Family
Walker Family Warren Family Welling Family
Wertz Family Westwood Family Williams Family
Wolf Family Yaremcho Family Ziegler Family

Instructional League Booster Badge

Bosch Family Buckiso Family Chiappetta Family
Chung Family Connell Family Cox Family
Durstein Family Eisaman Family Fitzgibbon Family
Hartnett Family Hoffman Family McGuigan Family
Popies Family Uffelman Family Vucich Family

Instructional League Booster Badge

Wilson Family Davis Family Volitich Family
Shaffer Family Weston Family Lamendola Familty

MLGSA FireBall Logo 2012

SLOW and FAST PITCH Registration Dates 2014
at the Rec. Center:

Saturday: February 8th
12:00 to 2:00 PM - Room A

Monday: February 17th
6:30 to 8:30 PM - Room B

Wednesday: Mach. 5th
6:30 to 8:30 PM - Room: B

If you can't attend, download form and mail to the address provided on the form.

Senior and Major Registration is Closed

Slow Pitch Registration Form Slow Pitch Reg. Form '14

Fast Pitch Registration Form Fast Pitch Reg. Form '14

Did you sign your:
Code of Conduct Forms?

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Graduate League - NEW

The Graduate League was set up for ladies who have completed 12th grade, who may or may not have played in our High School (Major) League, and want to play an occasional pick up game, and socialize with old (and new) friends.

Click for Info

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MLGSA has adopted a mandatory helmet policy at all levels.

Teams will be provided with helmets.

Donations of used equipment are always appreciated.

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